About us!

Turning a former weapons and ammunition factory into a park dedicated to recreation and outdoor activities says everything about us. We work with what we have, improve and fix, and above all, we are thinking about what the community needs. The 88 hectares have been adapted to accommodate visitors, and as you explore the park, you will find countless attractions and relics

What we like most is to surprise you, so every time we hear a “Oh, wow!” (in all its versions, from “IOI!” to the Romanian saying “Tulai” or “Oh, Lord!”), from any area of the park, relaxation, snack or adventure, we know that our mission has been accomplished. Every day we wait with our eyes focused and ears pricked, for that next call.

Even if we wanted to, we could not explain everything you can do or feel at Arsenal Park in a few sentences. Some things just have to be experienced. Having said that, all we have to do is to invite you. So come to Arsenal Park!


Discover Arsenal Park’s attractions!

Everything we’ve prepared has been designed to fit you like a glove, no matter what you like or desire.

Explore the 88 hectares of land and enjoy the attractions, some more adventurous than others, that are hidden all around the park. And this, this isn’t even the most exciting Treasure Hunt we have! Of course, you also can just relax in the middle of nature.


Glamping, but better!

Enjoy the atmosphere of glamping, offered by the campfire, the uninterrupted activities and the forest that surrounds you with a comfortable accommodation experience that provides everything you need. Spacious and airy rooms, decorated with surprising thematic elements, make you feel at home from the moment you step in. Explore the rooms!


Try the strong taste of adventure!

What we promise you is that everything we prepare is tasty. We choose the recipes carefully and incorporate fresh, seasonal ingredients. We also went the extra mile and have interpreted a Romanian traditional saying, swearing that if you are having a glass of something with your lunch or dinner, you will be even more satisfied. Thus, to make sure you are happy, we have prepared a fun selection of drinks, spirits and beers you can choose from.


Locul ideal pentru o vacanță cu copii. Nu ai cum să te plictisești în acest loc. Găsești locuri atât pentru relaxare, cât și pentru adrenalină. Personalul tânăr, dinamic și foarte amabil. Micul dejun și cina, în stil bufet suedez, sunt foarte bune și foarte proaspete.

Eliza, August 2019

Totul a fost excelent!!! Activități pentru copii, parc acvatic, cazare, mâncare! Recomand din suflet!!! Abia aștept să revenim!

Ramona, Septembrie 2019

Camere impecabile. Internet cu router Wifi dedicat fiecărui apartament, viteza bună, Smart Tv și multe programe. Baia a fost foarte curată chiar și după standardele soției. Micul dejun variat, cafea de la automat. À la carte am mâncat în 2 seri și o amiază. Bine gătit, mai bine decât în multe restaurante.

Cotei, August 2018