Aventura Park Arsenal

Aventura Park Arsenal

Ready for adventure? Well, you have six routes to take on, with 77 climbing elements, which have increasing levels of difficulty (yellow, green, blue and red).

(yellow marking) —  for children over 8 years old and beginners; yellow trails do not exceed a height of 3 meters;

(green marking) —  easy, designed to help you get used to the taller elements; the green trails do not exceed 6 meters in height;

(blue marking) —  average difficulty, with a height of 10 meters, enough to take you to the next level;

(red mark) —  increased difficulty, the height reaches 15 meters, recommended for true dare devils.

To access Aventura Park Arsenal you need to buy an entrance ticket.

The ticket is available for 3 hours, on all routes, yellow, green, blue and red. If you want to extend your adventure, you can purchase more hours.

  • Aventura Park, adult climbing trails/3h – 45 lei
  • Aventura Park, child climbing trails/3h (available for children over 7 years of age, taller than 120 cm) – 45 lei